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Home Place Records is a Label where Thrasher Sound, LLC releases songs that present more secular in nature, but always has the truth of The Word of God within the message.

Take the Andy Griffith Show for example, the show wasn’t written as a religious show, but Godly values are throughout the show. Churches today are even using their episodes to teach Sunday School classes. Home Place Records is much the same,  our songs have Godly Values throughout as well as examples of things He warns us against doing.


The goal is always to offer hope and encouragement through Christ in all we do. Our first Single on Home Place Records is Scheduled to release in March 2023.

Listen Now


"New Life" 
Lisa Jason



"Built To Last" 
Katie Barbour


"That's The Lonely Talking" 
Katie Barbour


"Go Up From This Down" 
Lisa Jason


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